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The ONLY One-Step Repair Method!

  Simply Pour On and Wipe Off
  No Waxing or Grinding
  Easy to Use
  No Expensive Machines Required
  Lowest Cost per CD


How CDSAVER® Works

Where to buy CDSAVER scratch removerCDSAVER® is a special formula conditioner that clarifies and coats the wall of a scratch to allow clear laser transmission. The wall of a scratch is white and obstructs laser transmission, creating skips. Upon application of CDSAVER®, optical laser transmission of digital data is restored through the previously scratched surface (scratch may be visable to the eye after treatment). A deep scratch into the digital layer is not repairable. CDSAVER® will restore discs with light and medium scratches. CDSAVER® cleans and restores your CDs to like new condition. read more...
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Single unit blister package

Dimensions:5" x 8" x 1" h, 0.20 lbs
Stock No:CDS20ZB
PRICE: $7.98

CDSAVER is also sold through brick & mortar stores such as music, video, book, consumer electronics, convenience, and department chain stores including retail internet sites.

Contact CDSAVER for store locations close to you! Be sure to list your city and state.

CDSAVER is currently seeking dealership agreements with the following stores: 

Borders Books

Follett Books

Circuit City

Barnes and Noble

Block Buster

Sonic Net




Virgin Mega

The Orchard

Artist Direct

Walden Books





Tower Records

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