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The ONLY One-Step Repair Method!

  For all Disc Formats
  Simply Pour On and Wipe Off
  No Waxing or Grinding
  Easy to Use
  No Expensive Machines Required
  Lowest Cost per CD/DVD


How CDSAVER® Works

Where to buy CDSAVER scratch removerCDSAVER® is a special formula conditioner that clarifies and coats the wall of a scratch to allow clear laser transmission. The wall of a scratch is white and obstructs laser transmission, creating skips. Upon application of CDSAVER®, optical laser transmission of digital data is restored through the previously scratched surface (scratch may be visable to the eye after treatment). A deep scratch into the digital layer is not repairable. CDSAVER® will restore discs with light and medium scratches. CDSAVER® cleans and restores your CDs to like new condition. read more...
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