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  CDSAVER is currently seeking distributors, dealers, and marketing representatives.

Several markets and territories are available. Target markets include consumer electronics, music, video, games, bookstores, libraries, office products, catalogs, and general retail merchandise. Great opportunities are available for marketing representatives and distributors wishing to sell CD accessories in these or other markets.

CDSAVER was developed in 1999 and is currently sold primarily in the music, game, electronics, and video markets. We have had great success in selling the product in our countertop display at the checkout counter in market trials.

Here is why CDSAVER will sell!
  • One-step repair formula for all disc formats
  • #1 for effectiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Very competitively priced at a suggested retail price of $6.98 / $7.98
  • Lowest cost per disk - one bottle restores up to 50-100 CDís / DVD's!
  • Simple, easy to use

  Latest News

Inquiries are welcome for new sales and marketing representatives and distributors. Please contact us.
Packaging units
POP Display (Point-of-Purchase) for countertop contains (12) twelve 2-ounce bottles (loose). The POP display carton is disposable. One case contains (12) twelve displays or 144 bottles. Minimum packaging unit is one display of 12 bottles. Label includes UPC bar code.

Blister card package includes 2oz bottle of CDSAVER and sponge pad for applying solution and drying. Package includes knock-out for hanging on peg or clip-strip. A clip strip and hook is included in each carton. Complete instructions and technical information is printed on the back of the card.

Pop Display Packaging
CDS20ZB Single unit blister package 881491000003 cdsaver dvd, cd restoration formula
  (5" x 8" x 1" h, 0.20 lbs)  
CDS012BLC Case of 12 blister packages 881491000041
  (10 3/4" x 5" x 6 3/4" h, 2.50 lbs)  
CDS144BLC Master Case of 12 Cases, 144 pcs 881491000058
  (22" x 15 1/4" x 13 1/2" h, 31.60 lbs)  

Blister Card Packaging
CDS20ZI Individual 2 oz. bottle (loose) 881491000010 CDSAVER BLISTER PACKAGE cd restoration formula
  (4" x 6 " x 1 1/2 " h, 0.20 lbs)  
CDS012POP Display carton of twelve 2 oz. bottles 881491000027
  (5" x 7 " x 4" h, 2.10 lbs)  
CDS144POP Master Case of 12 Displays, 144 pcs 881491000034
  (14" x 14 " x 8 " h, 23.22 lbs)  

Standard Terms: Net 45 days, (Subject to credit approval)
FOB: Clinton, CT USA (Shipping sizes and weights shown above)
Freight Costs: Free domestic shipping on orders of four dozen or more.
Ship via: UPS Ground or Fed Ex Ground; Express service available
Return Policy All products are fully quaranteed for complete customer satisfaction and may be returned for credit.

(All of the above product numbers contain a UPC bar code) Terms: Net 45 days (subject to credit approval)
FOB: Clinton, CT (Free shipping on quality orders)

Delivery: stock
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